How to Apply A Hoof Bandage 

When your horse has a hoof abscess, hoof injury, or heel bulb laceration, applying a quick and effective bandage may be necessary before a veterinarian can arrive. Do not fear! It is relatively easy and does require a lot of supplies.

You really only need 3 items at home or in the barn to apply a hoof bandage.

  1. A human baby diaper
  2. Vetwrap
  3. Duct Tape

Begin by cleaning off the foot and cleaning out the bottom of the foot very well. Then you can use the diaper as a way to hold any treatments being applied against the foot. These include – betadine, sugardine, a soaked poultice pad or antibiotic ointment. Enclose the horse’s foot in the diaper as though the foot is the baby’s bottom. Then use the vetwrap to wrap around the whole circumference of the foot to hold the diaper in place. Finally, use strips of duct tape laid over each other in a weave-type pattern to create a “boot” to lay across the bottom of the foot and keep your bandage clean when the horse is walking around.

Check out the helpful YouTube video made by Dr. Melissa Johnson to see this done step by step.