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Preventative Medicine:

You know what they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” We are committed to preventing disease and common equine health problems. Seeing your veterinarian each spring for vaccinations, coggins tests, and an overall assessment of health, is the best thing you can do to help prevent illness in your horse.









Dentistry: (Click for more)

We recommend that a horse’s teeth be checked at least once per year for any problems that could interfere with eating, comfort, or performance. From young to old, we provide full dental care for all equine life stages. Our power dental floats allow us to provide simple and comfortable care to keep your horse happy and healthy.





Lameness and Pre-Purchase Examinations:

An understanding of many equine disciplines and sports, allows us to fully assess your horse’s performance issues and provide treatment when necessary. Additionally, we can help you thoroughly examine a potential purchase for any lameness or health concerns.

The field of lameness and sports medicine is continually making advances in diagnostics and therapy to help our horses perform their best. Weitz Equine has invested in equipment to allow us to offer our clients access to these therapies for your horses.

Click here to learn more about IRAP, Platelet-rich Plasma, and Shockwave!




We strive to provide the highest quality of care available.  Weitz Equine has invested in pertinent technology to aid our aid our assessment and diagnosis of your horse.  Our digital x-ray machine allows us to produce the clearest image as well as the ability to email or burn images onto CD for use by referral facilities, the farrier, or potential buyers.








Reproductive Services:

From the breeding, to pregnancy checks, to a thorough examination of the newborn foal, we can help ensure the health and well-being of both the mare and foal.







Equine Chiropractic Care: (Click for more)

Dr. Paul has completed the chiropractic course at the Options for Animals School in Wellsville, Kansas. This is one of only a handful of schools that are accredited for animal chiropractic. The course, which is offered to veterinarians and chiropractors, consists of 210 hours of class and lab instruction.  Dr. Paul has been evaluated and certified in Animal Chiropractic by the school and by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA).

A chiropractic adjustment is a very specific, low force quick thrust along the plane of the joint that helps to get the joint moving again. Adjustments influence bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. They do not hurt your animal. Even though horses have a very large, thick muscle mass over the spine the vertebral joints are flexible and relatively easy to manipulate with minimal force. If the correct technique is used the ligaments are not adversely affected.

Coggins (EIA) & Health Certificates (Certificate of Vet Inspection):

Online Coggins (EIA Certificates) and Health Certificates (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) are available from Global Vet Link and their sister site, MyVetLink.com.  They are approved by USDA-APHIS-VS and they utilizing digital photos of each horse.  This is an easy and efficient way for everyone to keep track of these forms while allowing access to them anytime or anywhere.  What is a Coggins or Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)?  It is an infectious viral disease that is potentially fatal to horses and often caused by biting insects.  There is no vaccine or treatment for the disease once it is contracted.  If you are showing or traveling to state parks, or out of state, a negative Coggins test that is less than one year old is required.  The test just requires a blood sample and the turnaround time is usually 24 hours.

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